Saturday, March 11, 2017

Good Lordy I'm 40 Speech

40 years old. 40 years young in the grand scheme. In the grand scheme of infinity I am not even a zygote yet. This is my speech about how I am glad to be 40 and I am not going to feel ashamed by this number. I rejoice that I have made it this far! As many of you know it is a choice to keep on living, learning, loving, growing and I am proud of myself for persevering.

I’m not a great party host, but I felt moved to celebrate this occasion with as much celebration as I am capable of. The reason I’m not a great party host is because I get overwhelmed by all the energy. I want to connect with everyone, but there doesn’t seem to be enough time. I end up talking to one person too long and offending anyone else who may be trying to talk to me. I’m not great at small talk. I’m better at BIG, serious, talk, so this is why I feel it is necessary to give this speech. Besides, speeches are powerful things in this day and age when everyone is listening to their own news,radio, and music stations. This speech is for all of us to come together and have a moment with each other.

The predominant world we currently live in today worships the youth. Why? Mostly because we are a money worshipping society. Corporations can sucker young people into buying products plastering photos and movies of youth everywhere. However, it is a shame that we have lost the art of respecting our elders. Our elders can have knowledge and wisdom to guide the youth. Elders may not like to stay out late drinking alcohol, so cleverly marketed to the youth who are seeking a mate with their youthful looks and charms, but the elders may know when it is time to walk and when to run. When to laugh and when to cry. We need to learn to revere our elders again no matter what all the advertising agencies and magazine articles and movies and billboards and money worshipping culture tells us. Children are raised on Walt Disney depicting life with people who look a certain way and get as much as they can while they are alive, have a wife and family, etc… If you don’t do and have certain things, you’re a failure. Death will come and it will all be over and your life will be a waste. But death is not the end for some of us. Some of us believe we are spiritual beings and this world is just one of many that we will encounter.

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I have learned that it is not a good idea to speak of religion or politics when in mixed company. Well, this isn’t mixed company. This is my 40th birthday party and I have something to say on both religion and politics.

Politics was an experiment that went awry a long time ago. Even George Washington was very reluctant to be the 1st president of the United States. To me it does not matter anymore who is the president or the king. One person should not wield so much power. What is important is “what are each of us doing to change the world? What am I doing to be the change I want to see? I cannot change anybody else, no matter how much campaigning or Facebook posting I do. I can only change myself. I can only be the change that I wish to see”. The good news in the USA is we are all currently free to be the change we wish to see. We are all free to pick out any issue we want to change and work on changing it ourselves each and every day. There are countless injustices happening all the time and we must all pick one and work on resolving it.

That’s enough for politics. Onto religion. I don’t really know what the word religion means. I’m not going to speak to you about converting to any religion. I believe all true religions are from one God. I believe it is time for the world to come together and live in peace and unity. Every race and every nation to become one. I think the environmental issues we may soon have to face will be what unifies the world. That’s all I have to say about religion. What I really want to speak to you about is spirituality.

In the grand scheme of the the world today 40 is looked on as “over the hill”. As I will sing in my song later, I am glad to be “over the hill” because I believe I am now halfway home. Hahaha! I say that half jokingly.You see, I am a spiritual being, and I do not believe this is the last world I will adventure through. When I was a child I began to pass out unexplainably. I passed out once in high school and may have only survived it because a woman pounded on my chest so hard. I was eventually diagnosed with a heart condition. Doctors told me I may have been legally dead a few times and that’s why each of my experiences of going unconscious were so intense. I don’t remember what happens when I was pass out, but I know that I am disappointed to come back to this world each time. To make a long story short, this heart condition has made me the spiritually conscious person I am today.  

I am 40 years old on this earthly plane. I believe that my soul will continue to progress long after this life has come to an end. I believe everyone’s soul will continue to progress until they have returned to the Source; until they have returned to the Maker; until they have returned to, dare I say the word? Ours souls will progress until they have returned to GOD. There. I said it. God.

The word God has really bad connotations in people’s minds these days. I don’t blame them. I get it. I even get and respect why people have chosen to become aetheists in these times. Wars have been erroneously fought in the name of God. God wants us to hold our breaths to live a perfect life so we will one day deserve to go to heaven. Indigenous tribes have been forced to believe in some other “God” that they did not previously believe in or face the conseqeunce of being slaughtered. God lets innocent children get abused and killed. God wants us to be boring people who don’t drink and smoke and party and have sex with anyone we want and have a good time. That is not the God I believe in either.

I believe in a God that is ever forgiving, all knowing, supremely Just. God is not a man or a woman. God is pure love. Love is like gravity. We may deny gravity exists at times and do things to undermine it, such as trying to fly.  Sure we can learn to fly, but if we forget the laws of gravity we will assuredly crash and burn. But when we are in harmony with gravity, after learning its laws, we can can soar into the sky. Love is the same. It is an invisible force that we must learn the laws of so we can be in harmony with it and soar. When we disregard the laws of love we will assuredly crash and burn at some point and we may end up being hurt for a long time after. However, we must pick ourselves up and go on with our journey because love is the purpose.

God is Love. I am currently learning the laws of love.

The God I believe in is an all powerful being that miraculously created itself and everything. This process of self creation will never be understood in this lifetime. In this lifetime we are not supposed to understand how God created itself. In this lifetime we are to learn how to love other people. We are to learn how to share, respect, understand, be grateful and a myriad of other things.

I believe in God and I believe in Science. The two are not contradictory. I believe in Creationism and I believe in Evolution. The two are not contradictory.

I believe in a God that created itself and knew that it must create some company for itself. Imagine you are the all powerful being who has created itself. It may get lonely. So you must create a friend. But you can’t just create a friend. A friend that is created is nothing more than a robot. Robots have no choice but to be your friend. A friend is your friend because they want to be your friend. So, God created us and sent us on a journey to be its friend. On this journey we must learn how to love, respect and honor ourselves and others.

We can learn these things in the world after this life, but I believe it is much easier to learn it while we are on this earthly plane. Maybe like fruit ripening on the tree. If it is picked too soon it can still ripen, but it is best to let it ripen on the tree. So I stay here on this plane and let my spirit continue to ripen until God picks me from the tree to take me to the next world.

I believe in a God that will allow all souls to progress back to it no matter what they have done. It may take some souls much longer to be ready for the reunion with God, but those souls will be ready some day, with the help of each of us.  Perhaps no one will be allowed the reunion with God until we are ALL ready? Perhaps that’s why we must all look out for each other? I don’t know? I’m not God, but that’s the best I can think of. Getting older is inevitable, so why not rejoice in it? I think it is almost impossible to keep living and not learn something new. I know we may look around and see older people and not see anything that they have learned, but I believe each person has their own path back to God and it may not look like they are learning, but they are.

I’ve heard it said “God does not judge us on where we are, but how far we have come”. This makes sense to me because God is also the most JUST being in existence. A kid born into abject poverty is going to have completely different challenges than the kid born into a suburban home in the USA. Both children will have their own unique challenges. No one avoids tests in this world, even the richest of the rich.

Heaven and hell are not places we go to when we leave this world. Heaven and Hell are states of mind. The closer you are to God, the more in heaven you are. The further from God you are, the more in hell you are. People who commit heinous deeds are in hell, right here on this planet. By the grace of God I may not have been in the depths of hell that some people may be on this planet, but I have certainly visited the outskirts of hell more times that I can count. I’ve made terrible mistakes and been heart broken so bad that I did not want to go living. But I believe I’m getting better at avoiding these trips to hell. My trips to hell have taught me to have mercy for those who are currently in it now. That mercy provokes me to help that person out of hell in any way I can; even if just thinking a prayer for them as I pass them.

I’ve been to the outskirts of hell, but I’ve also been to parts of heaven and I like it there. I felt in harmony with everything around me. I want to stay there, but I am learning how. One day, how ever long that may be, whatever plane of existence I may be in, I will look back on 40 and think “wow, I’ve learned so much since then. I am glad I finally have learned how to stay in heaven with my maker and all my loved ones”.

Innocent children and whole races of people are abused and killed by mislead people. These heinous people are in hell. I believe those innocent children are taken care of in a special place under the care of an infinitely just God. God sorts out all things, wether we know it or not.

Death is not the end, it is another side. Like the Baby in the womb. It may be scared to be born because it fears that it will cease to exist, but then it is delivered into this world and realizes that it does not perish, but continues in a different form.

Like the baby in the womb who questions if their mom even exists, the spiritual world is most likely going on around us right now. The grass that I stand on right now does not have eyes to see me, ears to hear me, a nose to smell me, or arms to throw me off it, but I am here nevertheless. I believe we are currently the same way when it comes to the spirit world. We do not have the senses to sense the spirit world, but it is going on all around us, right now.

A friend told me an anecdote a few days ago. “2 fish are hanging out when an older fish swims by them and asks ‘Hey kids, how is the water?’ and then the older fish swims away. The young fish turn to each other and ask ‘what is water?’”

I’m not giving this speech to alienate atheists or anyone else with alternate beliefs than mine. I do my best to see the beauty in everyone and I am open to the fact that I could be dead wrong about everything. I feel like I get atheists because I’ve had things in my life that have made me question my belief in God as well. When I was diagnosed with a heart condition that will never go away, I stopped believing in God for a while too. No, I do not want to create a rift between myself and anyone else with this speech. I believe everyone should be allowed to believe anything they want. Whatever your beliefs I respect you. If I’ve offended anyone with this speech please forgive me and lets go back to focusing on what we have in common as human beings alive on this planet at the same time.

The purpose of this speech is to bring us all together for a moment AND to explain to the world that we do not have to dread getting older. In fact, I would like to inspire people to embrace getting older.

Besides, I predict older people will be worshipped in the future as are classic cars, vinyl records, and all the vintage stuff that is now starting to be sought after. That don’t make them that way anymore and they are valued because if it.

I once had a dog that was too smart to fetch. She fetched a few times. She was really good at it. She even gave me the stick back politely. However, after about 10 times of that she would look at me and say “I’m not going after that anymore. Stop Throwing it”.

That’s how turning 40 feels to me. It is tricky. I’m now too smart for this system that wants me to fetch a stick for the rest of my days.

Thank You everyone for coming to my 40th birthday party. I am honored to have each of you here. If I have not spoken to you yet please come and see me at my chair and we can speak. I would especially like to thank my dear parents, who have been the best parents I could ever have! I know I am not perfect, but neither are you and I’m so grateful that we are on this journey together! Thank You Mom and Dad! I love You!

Good Lordy I’m 40! Mom and Dad, would you like to say something before I play this song? Anyone else want to say anything? Please come up. [this didn’t happen because the rain and cold took over]

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